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Meet  Angelique

Angelique specializes in creating stunning looks with blondes and dimensional color. With a passion for making hair dreams come true, she has mastered the art of bringing out the best in every client's hair.


From attending classes to stay on top of the latest trends to constantly evolving her skills, she loves showcasing her creativity in the world of hairstyling. As a dedicated boy mama to Angelo & Christian, family is at the heart of everything she does. When she's not perfecting her craft, she enjoys dancing and creating special memories with her loved ones. Step into her chair at Mane Techniques, and you'll experience not just a hair transformation, but a journey towards feeling the best version of yourself. She takes pride in providing a peaceful environment where clients can relax and enjoy the process. Your satisfaction is her priority, and she approaches every hairstyle with an open mind and attentive ear.

For her, every day is an opportunity to fall more in love with the industry and the endless possibilities it offers. Through her craft, she gets to decide what beauty to showcase to the world. Join her in embracing each day by looking in the mirror and loving the reflection staring back at you!

Check Out Some of My Work

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