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Meet Cara

As a co-owner of Mane Techniques, Cara is a hair extension expert and natural born leader.


“Being a stylist is more than just doing hair, I believe it is about creating a connection and helping people love their hair. I love to inspire people both in and out of the salon. For me, creating great hair isn’t just about going through the motions, it is about creating a relaxing, inspiring environment. Being able to do this allows me to better understand your needs and wants during your service.


Having the ability to incorporate my favorite parts about life into the salon allows me create a unique experience and relationship for each and every client. As a stylist working behind the chair, my goal is to always put the client first. At the end of the day, seeing my clients smile at the end of each service touches my heart, and that feeling just never gets old.”

Check Out Some of My Work

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