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extension methods


Hand-Tied Extensions are extensions placed in rows utilizing a  beaded technique to naturally create a "track". Wefts are then placed on the tracks and gently sewn in. The strategic placement of the extension wefts follow your natural fall allowing for minimal tension, optimizing comfort and flexibility. These are the most natural looking & feeling non-damaging extension service designed to add desired length, maximum volume, body, and color to your hair without styling restrictions.


Keratin Tip (K-Tip) extensions are installed using a heating element which safely softens the Keratin Tips of the extension strands to form a cocoon around your own hair. This Keratin Tip is made with the same naturally occurring protein found in your hair. A silicone additive on the K-tip helps to create a protective coating for your natural hair strands. The K-tips are bonded close to the roots of the hair, but still ensure there is enough space to allow free movement of your hair which maintains a natural layered texture and feel.


Very natural looking & feeling non-damaging extensions that mimic individual strands of hair. They are installed using a strand by strand application technique, and are able to stay in the hair thanks to the rubberized patented tip of the extension. This extension service does not require any heat, glue, or chemicals, and is designed to add desired length, volume, body, and/or color to your hair without styling restrictions.


Hypoallergenic adhesive bands result in discreet and comfortable hair extensions that blend flawlessly with natural hair. A strip of medical grade tape that adheres to the hair extensions is how these extensions stay on your hair strand without slipping.

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