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extension faq

How much is the total with hair, color, cut, and extension install?

The total cost of hair extensions can vary depending on your specific goals, such as length, density, and color. For the initial installation, which includes the cost of the hair, the extension service, and hair coloring, prices range from $450 to $2,500. Our hair extension installation services include a haircut or split-end trim for your natural hair, as well as any necessary haircut for the extension hair, along with styling. The extensions are  typically replaced annually, primarily if you wish to make adjustments to length, color, or fullness/density.

How many rows do I have and what do you recommend people get?

Once you have your extension consultation with a MT professional, we will be able to recommend what route is best for you and your hair! 


A very general guideline is:

Someone looking for natural fullness and a little length with-

Thinner Hair ≈ 1 Row (A Little Volume Package)

Medium Hair ≈ 2 Rows

Thick Hair ≈ 3 Rows

Very Thick Hair ≈ 4-5 Rows

How much is a move up and when do I go in to move the hair up?

Hair extension adjustments/move-up costs are based on the package you have. From I-Tips to

Sew-Ins the costs range from $75-$1100 per visit without Mane Membership savings.

Move-ups are typically every 8-10 weeks.

Guests with finer/more fragile hair typically visit every 8 weeks while guests with thicker/coarse hair or guest that have slow growth may visit every 10-12 weeks.

We will guide you on the best timeline for you!

Can you explain the process of your payment plan? 

Our 'Mane Membership' program is recommended if you plan to have extensions for 6 months or longer.. We've calculated the annual cost of our extension services and, as a token of our appreciation for your loyalty, we've designed a convenient monthly payment plan that covers all your extension maintenance services in-salon, eliminating the need for any additional payments throughout the year.

Do extensions damage your har?

No, hair extensions will not damage your hair. The health of your natural hair is our top priority.  Based on that condition of your hair, our team will make the best recommendations for your goals and your hair's health. 

Can you do a slick back ponytail/hair up?

Depending on the amount of natural hair you have surrounding the hair extensions, you may be able to! Just because you have fine or thinner hair does not mean you won’t be able to. We will suggest different styling techniques and methods of application to make your must-have styles possible. Adjusting to the additional hair can be a learning curve, but we are here to guide you through the possibilities.

Do extensions work on short hair?

​​Yes! Hair extensions can add color and fullness in addition to length. Tell one of our stylists your goals, and they will share what would work best for you!

​How do I keep my hair healthy & what products should I use?

Some natural hair and extension hair may need separate maintenance products. We will prepare you with a budget for recommended haircare at your consultation. There are professional haircare options for all budgets, and the team is really great about setting you up for success with any budget you may have! 

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