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Meet  Ian

Ian is one of our hair artist specializing in hair extensions and dimensional, lived in color. 

" I stumbled across this industry at a very young age, and instantly fell in love. From styling my sisters' barbies to the times my mom would ask me to do her and my sisters' hair as a child,.somewhere along the way, I found my passion in hairstyling. I thrive in the open, creative environment we have at Mane Techniques.


My goal is to make you feel even more beautiful than when you walked in. From the moment you walk into Mane Techniques, to the moment you leave feeling the best version of yourself, I will be there for you.  I take pride in creating a peaceful environment that you as a client can enjoy and relax. Feeling good in the body you are in is non-negotiable! I will lend an open mind and ear in every concern you may have about your hair.

Everyday I wake up I fall more in love with this industry and all it has to offer. I also get to decide what I want to showcase to the world through my craft. Why not start every morning by looking in the mirror and loving what you see?!"

Check Out Some of My Work

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